Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crystal (Gutenberger) Winter & Adam Winter

Hi class of 2000! 10 years has gone by so fast. During my junior year at Layton High I met my High School sweetheart Adam Winter who also attended Layton High and was the class of 2000. We dated our senior year. Adam joined the Army National Guard and went to boot camp fall of 2000 (and was done in the Army in 2006). I went to Ricks College for 1 year while Adam was in boot camp. We married in Aug. 2001 and moved to Orem, Ut. We lived there for 7 years. Adam has been in the HVAC industry since 2001 and become a Journeyman. I went to Cosmotology School in 2002 and worked in the field for about 3 years. Just before our 4 year anniversary we welcomed Kenna into our family, July 2005. She will be turning 5 this month and going to Kindergarten in the fall. She is so excited about that. We have been so blessed to have her in our lives. We moved to Idaho in 2008 and have been here for a year and a half. It's less hectic here and we love it. I have gone back school at CSI (College of Southern Idaho) in Twin Falls, Id to finish my Asscoiates degree in Early Childhood Education. I will be finishing up that degree in the fall of 2010. I will be continuing the degree for my Bachelor's at ISU (Idaho State University) in the fall 2010 and will finish spring 2013. That's what's happened in our family.

Crystal Winter & Adam Winter

Mariann Bowers Pero

I know I am a little bit late posting this but here it goes...

After graduation, like so many of you, I went to Weber State University.  In June of 2002 I met my husband Kevin while I was working at the DMV.  We were married in April of 2003.  Shortly after we were married we built our first home in Syracuse, UT where we are currently living. I graduated in 2004 with my Bachelors Degree in Geography emphasizing in Cartography.  I worked for a couple of years and then had my first son Ethan in January 2007.  And in March 2009 we had our second son Dylan.  With my husband working in Salt Lake City as a Police Officer, I am lucky enough to be able to be a stay at home Mom with my boys, and although this is truly the hardest job I have ever had I wouldn't trade it for anything.  We spend much of our time having fun with our boys, camping, swimming, and doing normal family stuff.  Well that is a brief account of what we have been up to.  Here are a couple of Pics...   Sorry I couldn't make it to the reunion just too much going on with the holiday! 

Melanie Johnson O'Brien

Wow its been ten years, man I sure feel old
Well let me tell you what I have been up too these past ten years.
Right after graduation I went to snow college and was having a lot of fun to the point where I only stayed there for one semester but I sure did learn a lot especially from my 5 room-mates. After that I went back home to figure out my next step in life and started working at the davis hospital in the registration area which was a very interesting job to say the least. As I was working there I took some classes from weber state university in the layton davis campus this was right around the time of 9/11/2001. After working for the hospital I wanted something a bit more fun and relaxing at the same time so I got a job at the movie theatre in layton and loved every minute there. In december of 2002 to may 2004 I began a new journey serving an LDS mission to Des Moines, Iowa, I loved that time serving in farm country and very small towns. The neat thing about serving there was a few of our fellow graduates where also serving in that same state with me one of them being Carolynn Baird she was my last companion during my service.
After my mission I got a job working in the shoe department at Mervyn's in the layton hills mall and that lasted about 3 months and then I went to target to work as a cashier. In september 2004 I started school at Eagle Gate College in Layton and earned my associates degree in business management. While going to school I ended up working at the Salt Lake LDS temple in the laundry department which was a blessing.
I met my husband Jonathan Jay O'Brien  on the ldssingles.com website and believe the website thing does work. We met in november 2005, got engaged march 2006 and got married august 22,2006 in the salt lake temple. Since he was still attending the University of Utah completing his bachelor degree in speech communication we ended up living in west valley at that time until may 2007 when he graduated and after that we moved to his home state of Vermont. We live in a very small town and just are enjoying life, no kids yet but that will be in heavenly father's time, I work at a medical center as a chart room runner which in general means that I take medical office charts on patients to the doctor's office. Well I unfortunately won't be at the reunion for our 10 years to see you all, but hopefully we can be there at the next. please feel free to email me at melanieobrien2006@yahoo.com I would love to hear from you.
Melanie J. O'Brien

Thursday, July 1, 2010

10 Year Reunion!

Our 10 year reunion will be held on July 2nd and July 3rd!

Friday {July 2nd} - Dinner and Program
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Oakridge Country Club
1492 Shepard Lane
Farmington, UT 84025

This event is for LHS Class of 2000 Graduates and a guest (optional).
Registration is only available online until June 30th (PayPal buttons).
There is not an option to register/pay at the door.
There are three meal options (listed below).
Listed price reflects cost for one meal (including tax and gratuity).

$26 - Baked Polenta (Vegetarian)
Polenta layered with eggplant, sundried tomatoes, and mushrooms, baked to perfection, topped with marinara sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese.  Includes: salad, rolls, wild rice and vegetables.

-Tickets No Longer Available-

$29 - Chicken En Croute
Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, and cream cheese wrapped in a puff pastry, baked to a golden brown and served with a basil cream sauce.  Includes: salad, rolls, and twice baked potato.

-Tickets No Longer Available-

$31 - Prime Rib
8 oz. slow roasted prime rib served with creamy horseradish and au jus.  Includes: salad, rolls, and twice baked potato.

-Tickets No Longer Available-

Saturday {July 3rd} - Family Picnic
12:00 - 2:00 PM
Layton Commons Park - Pavilion behind Amphitheater
437 N Wasatch Dr
Layton, UT 84041

This event is for LHS Class of 2000 Graduates and families (optional).
Tickets are available online until July 2nd (PayPal button).
Tickets will also be available the day of the event (cash only).

$10 - Family (or Single)
Drinks, games, and prizes will be provided.  Please bring your own lunch.

Kristen Wilkinson Kohler

 After graduation I headed down to BYU to study Home Economics Education. I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in April 2003, and moved back home to start my first year of teaching at Copper Hills High School. In May 2004, I met my husband, Eric Kohler. We married in October of that year and bought a home in West Layton. I transferred up to Mountain High School, in Kaysville, and taught there for 4 more years. In the meantime, we had our first baby, a boy named Braden, in February 2007, and in December of that year Eric and I graduated hand in hand with our Masters' of Education Degrees from Weber State. A short 15 months after Braden was born, we welcomed our daughter Brielle. Eric has been a math professor at Weber State and I've stayed home for the last 2 years being a mom. I am excited to get to return to teaching in the fall, just for a little while, while Eric finishes up his PhD.
That's just a brief synopsis of my life in the last decade...other adventures include lots of hospitals, travels, and fun!

Jodi Green Kaufman

So I guess I have procrastinated long enough. I just can't believe it is time for our 10 year reunion. Time really has flown by for me. After graduation I attended the University of Utah (Go Utes!). I earned a bachelor degree in exercise sport science and a minor in Spanish. I studied abroad in Valparaiso Chile, which was an eye opening experience. The last semester of my senior year I realized I did not want to be a physical therapist after all, I wanted to teach. I ended up volunteering at an after school program for refugee kids and fell in love. It took another two years to convince myself to go back to school for an education degree. In the meantime I worked as a makeup artist and an apartment manager.  I did get my master's in secondary education. I have been teaching junior high for 3 years (on my fourth) at TH Bell Junior High in Washington Terrace, a low income school. I love my students and my school very much. Next year I will be teaching PE and science. I have also taught nutrition, CTE, and arts and crafts. I think my school is afraid I'll get bored because I haven't taught the same series of classes more than one year!

I have been married for 3 years and we are proud parents of a 3 year old boxer (yes that's a dog). My husband and I dated for 10 years before we finally tied the knot. If you do the math he is my high school sweetheart (although he was in college). Justin is a police officer for Ogden City and is currently part of the crime reduction unit. We have a house in North Ogden, and I have to admit I miss Layton.

My husband and I love everything outdoors, especially fly fishing. We try to go somewhere new every year. Although last year my clumsiness prevented me from going anywhere. I spent the summer in a boot, and then fall, and then... well never mind that! We also love anywhere near the ocean and make sure we visit a shoreline every year. We love snorkeling and are anxious to get dive certified so we can go on some dive trips.

Well, I guess that's about everything. I will not be attending the dinner but plan on coming to the park Saturday. Hope to see you there.

Dave and Becky (Bitner) Nalder Update

David Nalder and I were married on June 28, 2005 and just celebrated our 5 year anniversary.  Since we are both LHS grads, I will give a quick update on us both.  I went up to Utah State and received my bachelors degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing in 2006.  Right after graduation I got a job with Geocycle a company that provides alternative fuels and raw materials to our parent company (Holcim) cement kiln.  I have been with Geocycle/Holcim for 3 years originally in a marketing, advocacy function and now in the government affairs department with Holcim (Cement Manufacturer) with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility.  Mostly it's the perfect combination of environmental stewardship and community advocacy with a splash of government relations.  I really love my work and love that I'm making a difference.

Dave served a mission in Geneva, Switzerland French speaking, we always say he won the mission lottery, going to Switzerland.  After his mission he went to Utah State for a while but ended up transferring to Weber State and graduated with a Bachelors in Advanced Vehicle Systems and is currently living and working in Palo Alto, CA for 12 weeks doing an internship with Tesla Motors.  He is designing and developing the training and service guides for the Tesla Roadster.  If you remember anything about Dave it's that he lives and breathes anything and everything related to cars, so this
job is the perfect fit!  Aside from staying busy with work we bought a house in Ogden 2 years ago and surprisingly love the east bench of Ogden, we hike, mountain bike, road bike, motorcycle, snowboard, wakeboard and basically just love our life there.  Aside from enjoying Ogden, we travel as much as possible.  Since we don't have any kids yet, we have traveled extensively throughout Europe and Canada, figuring that we should do it while we can and we have loved every minute of it.

I've got to say that after ten years, I'm thrilled with where we are in life.  We are happy to have each other and are always looking forward to our next adventure.  Hopefully we'll see everyone at the picnic on Saturday since we won't be back from California until late Friday night.

I don't have any more recent pictures on this computer, so alas, 2007 Eurotrip - Rome

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jolie Hales

Heya guys!  Looking forward to seeing you again!  I have to echo the holy-crap-has-it-really-been-10-years mentality myself - man, we are old!
Life has definitely not been exactly what I expected, but it's kinda been a blessing.  After high school, I got my Bachelor's in Electronic Media at Weber State University, where I started making short films on the side just for fun (Whinham -- I'll never forget that dance you did...).  My love for filmmaking then brought me out to Southern California, where I got my Master's in Film Directing from Chapman University, and began working in the film industry doing whatever people wanted me to do -- write, direct, assistant direct, warm up the hot chocolate ('cuz I still don't know how to make coffee), whatever.  I directed a few more films and now run a small company, Everlight Films (www.everlightfilms.com), where we create non-explicit films and videography projects.  My work has allowed me to walk the red carpet a few times, win a few things and meet celebs, but when it comes down to it, nothing beats wearing jeans and just hanging out with my friends.
To fill in the freelance filmmaking gaps, I also work part time at... dun, dun, dun.... Disneyland!!  The pay is crap, but the job is priceless.  I'm a stage manager, leadership field trip teacher, Jedi, and I work in the character department (Jessie from "Toy Story" is the BEST).  Since I'm not married with kids yet, I treasure the sweet young faces I get to meet at work.
Other than that, since high school I finally discovered eye-liner, student loan payments, and smile lines.  I live in Orange County, CA, with my two Italian greyhounds, Savvy and Comet, and every day is unpredictable.  Life is journey!  10 years down, and many more to come!  See you soon!
Jolie Hales
P.S.  Since I don't have any cute kids to show off, here are my weird-looking/adorable dogs!

Whitney Burnett Campbell

 Hello All!  No your eyes are not deceiving you, I do have four kids.  Lucky for me I intended it to be that way and love it!  Need I say more about what I have been up to for at least 7 of the last 10 years?!

After graduation I headed to BYU in Provo, but was not there long.  In December of 2000 I moved to Pocatello to be closer to my husband Paul, who was at the time, my fiance.  We were married in March of 2001.    I did go to ISU for awhile but did not complete my degree.  I still plan on completing my degree to be a teacher once my kids are in school and I have moved on to the next "phase of life".  We were there until December of 2003 when Paul graduated from ISU.  We had a small detour to Southlake, Texas before we headed to Boise, Idaho.  We have now lived in Boise for over 6 years and love it!  Paul is the owner of his own window cleaning business, and I have what I consider the best job in the world.... I am home with the kids.   Don't you worry, as glamarous as it sounds we have had our fair share of broken windows, spilt milk and crying fits (by both mom and kids).  I usually manage to salvage my formal dresses I clean house in though , but a few of my gucci shoes have not survived!  HA HA!

As for our kids....Truman will be 7 in September and will be starting first grade.  Luke starts kindergarten in the fall and turns 6 in the February.  Susie is 2 as of this past March and queen of the house, but a tough one at that.  Maxwell is 7 months old and a very content, but very loud baby when he needs to be!  Life is good and busy, but most importantly good, well actually, great!

Kirsten (Johnson) McDougal

I have loved to see other classmates posts on this blog and thought I would add what I have been up to the last 10 years of my life since I will not be able to attend this years reunion.

After high school I spent the next 2 years at Weber State University studying generals and received my Associates in Social Science (like I can do anything with that degree)  On November 8, 2002 I married my best friend Kevin McDougal.  We decided that I should work full time as he finished up his degree at Weber State University.  In January 2004 we moved for my husband to start his doctorate at Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis Missouri.  It was such a beautiful place and so many fun memories we had while we were there.  In the spring of 2004 and the spring of 2007 we had 2 beautiful baby girls which are the joy of my life.  In the fall of 2007 my husband graduated with his Doctorate in Chiropractic and we were ready to start the next chapter of our life.

Funny thing about finishing up school, I thought that once your finished with school that's when things get easier but it's just a difficult in different ways.  We have moved a lot since he has finished up school mostly for post graduate experience and luckily we have been able to adapt to change.  When the birds would fly north, we moved north (a few thousand miles) and when the birds would fly south, we moved south.

We are happy to be settled for at least a short time right now in Central Texas where we are working on some major goals in life.  My husband has a great job as a clinic director in a multidisciplinary rehab clinic, I am working at sprint for the time being while going back to school to finish up my degree as an RN, and I am still a full time mom trying to balance everything out in life.

Looking back these last 10 years I had many goals that I had hoped to accomplish but I'm so glad that Heavenly Father has helped me realize what is most important in life.  I would have to say that I like where I'm at 10 years later.  I have a beautiful family, I live in a great little town, I'm finishing up my goal of graduating from college and I am happier then ever before.

I do have my own scrapbook blog that I try to update.  If you are interested check it out.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update for Angie Julien Stevenson

Right after graduation my sister and I went to Europe for 3 weeks and had so much fun going to a bunch of different countries-we even ran into Robby Mower at the Best Western in Munich Germany! I went to Dixie College for my freshman year of college and had so much fun and grew up alot in the short time I was down there. I moved back home and Kara Stevenson set me up with her brother, Ryan in May, we were engaged in July and married in October of 2001. I graduated from nursing school at Weber State with my associate degree in 2003 and started working at Davis Hospital as an RN. That fall I started the Bachelor's program and transferred down to the Emergency Room. I had my daughter Jade in September 2004, two weeks into my last semester of my Bachelors, I finished in December 2004. We moved to Las Vegas for my husband's job and lived there for about a year and decided that living in Utah wasn't such a bad thing, so we moved back to Layton and decided to build our first house. We moved into our house in West Layton in January 2007, 2 days before our 2nd child, Whitaker, was born. (We have the most amazing timing!!) Rockwell, our third child was born in September 2009-we missed 9/9/09 by 1 hour and 51 minutes! Now we are just crazy busy. My husband works at Zion's Bank and I still work part time in the ER at Davis Hospital-I've been there 7 years and love the ER! Jade is 5 and starts Kindergarten in the fall and I can't believe that I am this old-I even own a minivan-which I NEVER thought I would own! Whitaker is 3 and Rockwell is 9 months old. Well that's us in a nutshell! I'm excited to see everyone on Saturday at the park! (I have to work Friday night!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Nicole May Riney - The "Other" Nicole May

Hey ya’ll! I just found out today when the reunion is, and since it’s over a holiday weekend, plane tickets back home would be 400 bucks a pop. “No Bueno.” So looks like you will all have to wait until 2020 to see my smiling face. But I just wanted to fill you all in on what I have doing since High School. I graduated from Harrison High, aka Weber State University, with a Bachelors degree in Communications, (Nice work if you can get it) all while doing hair on the side. (another passion of mine)

Shortly after graduation I re-met my husband, and love of my life Tony Riney, and we were married about a year and a half later. I love him and the two gorgeous children that come along with him. I can’t imagine life without them. Shortly after the rise of the recession, we were forced to weight our options, and chose the lovely charm of the south. We found ourselves arriving in Houston right after Hurricane Ike passed by leaving behind him heat, humidity, bugs and all. And let me tell you… be grateful for that “dry” heat. Although I must say, I did like being sent home from work because a few snow flakes fell one day this past winter. It rocked my face off!

I currently work at a Pension Office for City of Houston employees. I know, I know, how did I get so lucky? I must pray harder than all of you. But seriously folks, my life has been a blessing, and I am very grateful for it. We just recently moved into our first home and I can’t believe how good it feels. Life has been one adventure after another and we are stronger people for it. We miss all of you guys and reminisce about the good old days of high school every now and then. Those were the days, right?

As they say in the south, “I’m fix-in’ to get some work done now. Bye y’all! And have a Blessed day!!” (They really talk like that!) 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brittany Freebairn Knighton

I really can't believe that it has already been 10 years since we graduated from Layton.  I don't know about you guys, but I do not feel that old. After high school I went to Weber State and graduated in Psychology with a minor in English.  During that time I worked at Deseret Book, which was a perfect job for a struggling college student.  After I got my Bachelor's, I got a job through Brian Stratford's mom at a treatment center for adolescents in Syracuse, Utah.  I have been there for 5 years and have had some crazy experiences, but have loved being there.  

It has been nice being out of college, because you can do all the fun things that you never had time or money to do before.  One of my favorite things to do was to travel.  I tried to hit a lot of major U.S.cities like Boston, Seattle, San Francisco and Washington D.C.  Then i went on an exciting trip with Brooke Wiberg La Fazia to Hong Kong and Bejing and absolutely loved it and recommend it to everyone!!

Recently (like just over a month ago), I got married to my best friend, Brandon Knighton.  We met in 2007 in the Celestial Room of the Ogden Temple during our single's ward temple night.  But it wasn't until a year and a half later that we actually started dating and now we are married.  In the last 6 weeks, we have already been to the Mexican Riviera and up to Toronto, Canada to see where he served his LDS mission.  We live in Layton and are loving the married life.

It has been great catching up with a lot of you and hearing about all of your successes.  Here's to another fabulous 10 years for all of us!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Milin Moon Chandler

After high school I went to Ricks College where I graduated with an associates in Computer Aided Design.  Since they made it a 4 year school, I continued my education there after graduating.  In 2003, I took a break from school and went on an LDS mission to Fresno California, Spanish speaking.  I loved it!  After I returned to BYU-Idaho and graduated with my bachelors in Psychology with an emphasis in Spanish in Aug 2005.

After graduation, I moved to Pocatello, Idaho with the plan of going to grad school at ISU the next year.  Plans changed and I met my husband through my roommate (he used to date her.  He pulled the roommate switch).  12 days after our first date, we decided to get married and 2 months after that we were married and off to California for the summer.  We moved around a lot while married, living in Costa Mesa, CA, Moreno Valley, CA, Boise, ID, Dublin, CA, and various places in Pocatello.  We bought a house inPocatello and we love it here.  Not too big, not too small.

We love to travel and have had some great adventures doing so.  We drove around Mexico for a month, went on a cruise of the Mediterranean Sea for a month, did a cruise of the Caribbean, went to Maryland, many places in California, and Disney World. 

In Jan of 2009, we had our first little boy, Jacob Teancum.  Tean makes us laugh all the time.  I get to be a stay at home mom, where I teach piano and have a small vinyl business.  My husband has a small alarm company and is starting a new business of a mobile medical panic pendant.  We are going to have our second child in January and are very excited!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Julie Ann Cordero Grosshans

Hi fellow Lancers! I've been meaning to submit something on here for some time, but just haven't had the opportunity to do it.
After our graduation I headed to Utah State University where I was very active with the school newspaper as the sports editor. Really, does that surprise anyone? After completing internships with the WNBA Utah Starzz and in Reading, Pa. at the Reading Eagle I graduated with a major in journalism and a minor in history after the fall 2003 semester. I didn't try too hard to get a job afterward because I just had a feeling I was meant to do something else. I ended up going back to USU and I completed a social studies composite, bumped my history minor up to a major and earned my teaching degree. I student taught in St. George at Fossil Ridge Intermediate (6th graders!) and graduated again after the fall 2006 semester.
While working on all of that school I met my husband, David. It was a match made in heavan! He is a sports journalist who is originally from San Diego and his dad and my mom actually went to the same high school, although they didn't know each other. We were married in July 2004 in San Diego and then went to Hawaii for our honeymoon.
I have spent the last few years teaching Utah Studies and most recently 8th grade U.S. History. I really love it! I am also working on my masters in education through the Washington County School District and SUU. I had my first son, David Jr., in July 2007 and we are expecting a little girl, Emmalina Jane, any day now. I'm so excited!!!
I hope I can make it up to the reunion in July.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lindsey Herman Kelstrom

I can't believe ten years have passed since high school!  Looking back I realize that this past decade has been a very fulfilling and eventful one, and I'm excited to catch up with everyone.  After graduation I studied for the first year at Weber State in Communications.  The following year I transferred to  BYU-Idaho to complete my associates degree, before serving a mission 2003-2005 in the Canary Islands of Spain.  Upon returning, I moved to Salt Lake to finish my education in Journalism at the University of Utah (Go Utes!)
While there I met my future husband, and we married in June of 2007.  I began teaching at a private school, and almost exactly a year ago we had our first little girl, Ella Lee.  I'm fortunate enough now to stay home with her, while teaching piano lessons and Spanish tutoring on the side.  My husband graduates this year with an MBA as a LCSW (licensed clinical social worker).  We love Salt Lake, but will probably branch out from here.  Suggestions on where we should go???

Monday, February 8, 2010

Heather Draper

Wow reading everyones stories since high school makes me realize I haven't done much with my life.  I guess I am just waiting for the right opportunity to come along.  After graduation I went to Stevens Henager College for Hospitality and Tourism but I didnt last long there.  I moved to Salt Lake and got a job at La Quinta Inn by the airport I worked there for about a year before being transferred to La Quinta in Layton.  In August of 2005 I met Andy who is  now my husband.  Shortly after that I got a job at Holiday Inn in Layton.  I worked there for a little over two years.  In May of 2008 I got married and with that I inherited two step kids.  Other than that I have just been workin and hangin out.  I can't wait until I see all of you this summer.  Here is a family picture.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ben Iverson & Jenn Griffin Iverson

Since we are both part of the LHS Class of 2000, we get to do two blog posts in one!  We actually starting dating each other just after high school graduation when we both went to BYU for our freshman year.  Ben served an LDS mission in Guatemala, and when he returned, things worked out and we were married in November 2003. 
Jenn graduated from BYU in English teaching and taught 6th and 7th grade English for two years at Spanish Fork Middle School, while Ben finished his degree in Economics.  Just before Ben graduated, our first son (Henry) was born.  In the summer of 2006, we moved to New Jersey when Ben took a job at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  We lived in New Jersey for two years, which we felt was the perfect amount of time to be near New York City.  Luckily, Ben's two-year position in research led us to the city we REALLY love: Boston!  Ben is currently at Harvard Business School, working toward a Ph.D. in finance (just 3 1/2 years to go!).  We had our second son (Ellis) shortly after moving to Boston, and with two little boys in the house, we keep pretty busy.  We're grateful for Ben's fairly relaxed schedule, which allows us to spend lots of time together as a family, enjoying the adventures of parenthood and the beauty of the East Coast.  Jenn misses teaching school but really loves her time with Henry and Ellis, and she spends what little free time she has teaching piano lessons and working on various art projects.
We're really hoping to be able to make it back to Utah for the reunion this summer.  It will be great to catch up with all of you!  Now, all you slackers, submit your blog posts! 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kim Samuelsen Mathews

Hello Class of 2000!
Here is what I've been up to the past 10 years!  After graduation, I continued my job as a receptionist and met my husband Brandon in January 2001.  We had a short dating life and were married in September 2001, shortly after the September 11 attacks in New York.  Following our marriage, we moved to sunny St. George and shortly after, became pregnant with our first daughter.  Madison was born October of 2002.  I worked part time as a rental agent for a Car Rental Company here in St. George.  We found out that baby #2 was on the way June 2007 and Kamry was born in January of 2008.  So I now have a 7 year old and a almost 2 year old.  I am currently a stay at home mom and love it very much!  I spend my days chasing a toddler and caring for a school aged child and all of the responsibilities that go along with that! 

I am also a Regional Coordinator for ConKerr Cancer:  an organization that sews cheerful and bright pillowcases for children who are battling Cancer and other life changing illnesses or injuries.  I currently serve Dixie Regional Medical Center and Primary Children's Medical Center.  It has been such an awsome part of my life and I truly enjoy every moment of bringing smiles to children!  I hope you all are happy and healthy and can't wait to read about what you all have been up to. 


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Britni Steckel Wells

Hello Layton High C/O 2000,

I can't believe it has been 10 years!  Wow.  Well after graduation I attended Snow College and recieved my Associates.  After the I move to Las Vegas and attended UNLV.  In 2004 I had a baby boy, Jayden, he wll be six in February (WOW).  I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Psychology.  In 2006 I married my wonderful hubby, Scott.  He  orginally from Las Vegas.  We moved to Utah to  closer to family.  In 2007 we had a little girl, Peyton. In 2008 I joined the Army.  After being away from my family for 14 monthes, we are finally reunited an living in Heidelberg, Germany, where I am stationed.  Here is our family photo

Britni, Scott, Jayden and Peyton
Check me out on MySpace!

Jenn Barlow

                                                 Summer 08' in Chiang Mai, Thailand                                    

After graduation I moved to Logan, UT to attend Utah State University. That place will forever have a soft spot in my heart and I loved my years there as I worked on my Bachelors Degree in interior design specializing in commercial design. I took my last few credits at a sister university, University of Northampton, just north of London England. This started a love for traveling and since I have had a few unforgettable adventures. For the last 5 years I have been working for an architectural firm in Salt Lake but was laid off this last summer. I am currently working on my masters degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design and working for my family. I have a wonderful cat (possibly part dog, he is huge) named Kevin and I get to spend a lot of time with my family!

I've been very fortunate to be able to travel and take time to discover what I truly love about life. The current economy has thrown myself ( and I'm sure a few others) for a loop but out of the craziness I feel like I've been able to take my life in a new direction and one that I wouldn't have otherwise taken.  I look forward to seeing everyone this next summer!

Jenn Barlow
True-North Blog

Kyle Cameron Studstill

Hey hows it going, LHS2K00??

Here's a quick story for you:

After graduation I went into military intelligence. My specialties here included intelligence/pattern analysis, winning at competitions to see who could drink the most water the fastest, and surviving surface-to-surface missilefire.

This brought me to Georgia, where I ended up pursuing my undergraduate as an advertising major at UGA. Highlights include filling tables with 15-20 $1 long islands to be downed between groups of four of us, winning graphic design competitions as a non-graphic design student, and traveling wherever to whatever stadium the Dawgs happened to be wailing on teams at the time (sorry Hawaii and the rest of the Mountain West).

After graduation I spent my time in Atlanta, where I filled the shoes of an advertising account planner (consumer research), interviewing millennial-aged youth from countries around the world (mostly just asking them if they liked Vitamin Water or not). I also worked in a rich media interactive agency but my work there only had a success rate of significantly less than 1% so I try not to think about it.

I currently spend my time in New York City as an innovation and insights analyst at PSFK.com. This mostly involves collecting and thinking about stellar new innovative things people are doing around the world, and pulling trends out of ideas that occur frequently. I think this makes me a 'strategist' or whatever people are calling it these days, but I'm mostly in it for the twitter followers and the free drinks at conferences.

You guys can find me at http://psfk.com along with a ton of other stellar things happening in the world, or athttp://howtobreakanything.com for my thoughts and observations on things that mostly only people in marketing/psychology/cognitive science care about. I'd love to see you at http://twitter.com/kylecameron as well.

Oh also I collect a bunch of things that people say they miss or find nostalgic at http://projectnostalgia.com, but a few days ago someone started jamming it with spam so it's down for the time being. I'm told that (when it's running) it's quite theraputic to dive into everyone's long lost memories.

Rock on, LHS-

Thoughts, insights, and observations: howtobreakanything.com
Daily fresh ideas: www.psfk.com
Inspiration Events: www.goodideassalon.com
Experts on any subject any time any where: www.purplelist.com
Innovation jobs: jobs.psfk.com

Joel Heath

Has it really been ten years already?  And you actually want to know what I've been up to this past decade...okay, here goes.  After High School I was called to an LDS mission to Northern California, I studied Business Management in college.  I am waiting to hear from some potential investors for a Murder Mystery Bed and Breakfast I want to open.  I am also waiting to hear back from my agent about the book I am hoping to publish in the next year.  I did not marry my High School sweetheart since I didn't even have a girlfriend in High School, but I did marry, her name is Christine.  No kids yet as we have only been married since March of 2008.  But here's hoping.   I have my own photography business, I do Family portraits, and weddings, check my site outwww.zion-photography.webs.com.  I have also been published in a couple photography books in the last 12 months.

Joel Heath
Zion Photography

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ryan Booher

I was only at LHS for my senior year but loved my time there.  Great people and its always fun to connect up with old friends. 

I Graduated from WSU in Business Finance in 2007. I live, work and play in sunny California as a Finance/Operations guy for Intuit (maker of TurboTax, Quickbooks, & Quicken).  I married Shannon (formerly Loveless from Wyoming) in 2005 and we are loving our eternal journey together.  Here are some ways to connect with me:  Our Family BlogMy Personal BlogMy LinkedIn profilemy Facebook profile (which I rarely use), and my Twitter account.

I am tracking the new blog in my RSS feed reader.

Alexis Marx

Hey here's a pic of Andrew myself (Alexis) and Aislynn (our daugther) it's a bit old though...
Also I included some more recent pics of myself and Aislynn.
Fear nothing but fear itself...wait never mind that's stupid...cause well snakes are scary.